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Using Boveda to Store your Herbal Medicine Can Rise Terpenes by 15%



After 9 years applying our patented 2-way humidity control ability to cannabis, we’re thankful for the countless global fans who trust Boveda for cannabis curing, storage and merchandising.

The world has known that Boveda is fantastic for the herbal medicine industry, but now we have the first research on why. And it’s exciting.

As the only product that can control a specific humidity level in packaging, it’s Boveda’s duty to initiate research on the effects of different moisture levels for a number of things we protect. We founded investigation in tobacco, wooden instruments, food, and now weed. We want to help the world determine what chemical changes happen when different humidity levels are applied to various organic materials, especially one as sensitive as the herbal flower.

The full text of the cannabis learning can originate here, but here’s a summary:

Two identical jars of medical-grade marijuana, one with Boveda, one without. After 6 weeks they tested the terpenes. The cannabis with Boveda had 15% more terpene holding than the jar without Boveda. That’s a very big deal. That means that even in great packaging/containers which hold in moisture, the essential therapeutic terpenes are micro-evaporating into the container’s head space (the air inside) faster if Boveda isn’t in there providing precision, active humidity regulator and slowing their damage.

This is just the first of more world’s first testing. Evaluations are underway to discover so much more about how Boveda improves the safety, quality, smell, and flavor of cannabis.

Thank you for making us the Global Leader in 2-way Humidity Control!


If your plants could talk, they would ask for Boveda
Only Boveda’s patented technology adds or removes humidity as conditions require to maintain the right moisture content of your flower. That means a better experience and no weight lost to evaporation. The right moisture satisfied of herb maximizes the color, taste, smell, and efficiency while stabilizing the weight.
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Intended Usage: Boveda is perfect for storage and curing (aging) herb that has already been dried. While Boveda is actual in moisture removal, the standard way of hanging in a dry environment is most effective. When you sense the plant is near to the intended moisture content for curing, Boveda will do the fine-tuning for perfect long term storage. Grow it, dry it, package it with Boveda. You get the perfect long term cure for the best possible product. While 3rd party testing has determined the ideal storage humidity at 59-63% RH based on maximizing color, aroma, and essence, we offer a variation of RH levels to suit individual preference.


Some Common Questions about Boveda…

You know you should use Boveda for your flower if you grow or you store any reasonable size personal amount and are a connoisseur of a quality product.  But how many Boveda are right for your stored amount of flowers?

Can Boveda be placed right on or near my flower?

Absolutely. Boveda won’t damage anything through direct contact. Bury it at the bottom, set it on top, or hide it in the middle, the Boveda is keeping the proper moisture content in the plant to maximize color, aroma, flavor, and strength.


How does Boveda work?

Science has recognized for over 100 years that convinced salts mixed with water will naturally control humidity to a specific RH (relative humidity). We just original the way to make it applied for packaging herbal medicine. Boveda only issues and absorbs 100% pure water vapor

WILL BOVEDA OVER-HUMIDIFY MY HERBAL MEDICATION? Never. Boveda is the lone product in the world that recognizes when to stop adding moisture and won’t humidify beyond the RH on the pack, so there is no such thing as “too much”. Using more than recommended will just work more professionally and last longer. Here’s a guide to least Boveda and size: Boveda 4 (tiny) gm packs: 7-14 gms of medicine.
Boveda 8 (small) gm packs: 14-28 gms of medicine.
Boveda 60 gms (bigger) packs 112-450 gms of medicine.




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