Whip-it! Premium Refined Butane Fuel Zero Impurities 420ml



  • The premium quality guarantees your lighters and torches are free from congestion and produce the cleanest burn.
  • Purified several times through numerous chambers of active carbon towers, which are made of charcoal filters that refine the Whip-It! butane gas from all impurities and odor.
  • Further cleansed through a molecular filter, recognized as synthetic zeolites, ensuring a final product with nearly zero impurities.
  • Optimum confirmation ratio of N-butane and ISO-butane molecules warrant maximum inner density, topping the industry.
  • Most actual burning quality-assuring the highest burn rate and cleanest burn.
  • Each premium can come with 5 tip connectors for detailed refilling into any lighter or torch.
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  • Pack of 12
  • Pack Of 24


420ml Cans Whip-it! Premium Butane Fuel is the World’s Purest Butane Whip it Made in the UK

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    • This unit is planned for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in agreement with local laws and ordinances. Use only in WELL PUBLICIZED AREAS!
    • California now prohibits the retail sale of any NON-Odorized butane in amounts more than 150ml. If you are not a retail customer you can call in to place an order.
      • Allowed Sales Comprise the Following:
        • Medical Collectives or Cooperatives operating under CA Health & Safety Code Section 11362.775
        • Persons licensed to perform volatile solvent extraction activity under CA Bus & Prof Code Division 10
        • Manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers, or retailers solely for the purpose of resale

Whip-it! butane is the purest butane extracted from the north sea and with over seven periods of gas manufacturing skill, Whip-It! is pleased to offer butane lighter and torch fluid in its premium form, nearly free of contaminants. After widespread research and analysis, our technical team sources the purest natural butane from precise gas fields in the north sea about 200 miles off the Scottish coast. Our premium quality butane will retain your lighters and torches free from congestion and produce the cleanest burn likely.

Whip-It! brand Premium North Sea Butane attained Grade A for the Global Standards of Consumer Products. Whip-it! Premium North Sea Butane has the highest Superiority levels backed by worldwide governing bodies of the following Quality Control organizations; BSI ISO9001:2008, British Retail Consortium Certification Body, SGS System Certification, UKAS, ANAB, and IAF. Comes in a 420ML can with ZERO impurities!

Important Note: We recall the right to refuse sale of products to anybody we doubtful of proposing to break United Kingdom laws.
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