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Premium shipping (2-Day), Expedited Shipping, Standard Shipping & Flat rate Shipping delivery options and costs are available during checkout for most items. Packages are shipped from our warehouse and we use the most popular delivery services including FedEx, UPS & USPS. Each personalized order includes a packing slip.


  • Adult signature require for all delivery’s 
  • Time definite deliveries are not available with these carriers.


  • As soon as your order ships you will get an email with the tracking information. Should you have any questions about the status of your delivery you can contact the carrier for an up to date answer.


  • If someone is not able to receive the shipment generally two more attempts will be made.
  • If you are able to, inspect the item at the time of delivery. Inspect all sides of the item, including the bottom. Please look for any creases, rips, tears, or holes in the package and inspect further if found.
  • If the item is clearly damaged, refuse the delivery.
  • If the item is left without a signature, you have two business days to fully inspect the item and report any issues to us.
  • Flip Deal USA is not responsible for any damage that we are not informed about within two business days of receipt.
  • Please contact us at +1 (424) 263 4553 as soon as possible to report the damage.
  • Please take detailed pictures of the damaged item and shipping box with the shipping label.


  • Now it’s time to install your item. Visit our blog for tips on how to install your product.
  • If you have any questions or difficulty feel free to contact us for help.

Once everything is perfect, send us a picture! We love to see completed projects and hear about how the products are working for you.

Order Tracking

You will receive email updates on your order, including the status and when it has shipped (tracking code/s included). To get your order status click here.

Estimated Shipping Cost

We offering you a flat rate. Once the items are in the shopping cart and you have started the check-out process, you will see the shipping cost. You select the shipping method you wish to use and can see the final order total before completing the transaction. FlipDealUSA.com offers Free Shipping on most orders over $499 in the contiguous United States and offers promotions/coupons in our emails and here on our website.

Wholesale Order

Due to the complexity of wholesale orders, flipdealusa waits a minimum period of 48 hours to process all orders. Please allow for a minimum of 48 hours to pass before inquiring about the tracking information for your shipment(s).

For Drop Shipping Orders, please allow for a minimum of 24 hours for your order to process. Tracking numbers will be provided for every verified online order.

Any questions about our Shipping Policy?
Please Contact Us or give us a call at +1 (424) 263 4553

Thank you! – The Flip deal USA Team

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Shipping Over USA

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