Crank Manual Metal Grinder (6 Pcs) - Assorted Colors

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Crank Manual Metal Grinder (6 Pcs) - Assorted Colors

This manual metal grinder features a crank handle that can handle your sticky things wonderfully, it is way more efficient than with a regular grinder. Each section twists off and back on extremely easily. The top chamber features a magnetic closing system. The unique designed teeths are sharp, this makes it easy and quick to chop up and grind to a perfect consistency, the inside screen will filter out any bigger pieces and they can then be put back into the grinder. You can gather the end result in the middle chamber while fine pollen filters through a mesh screen and collects it in the bottom chamber. A pollen scraper is also included in order to gather all product and therefore reducing waste. This is a perfect product for all grinding needs, such as tobacco, legal herbs, aromatic herbs, spices...

Each display features 6 different colors (Red , Silver, Blue, Black, Green, Gun Metal) and comes in two sizes: 52 and 62mm in diameter.

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