Boveda is useful for Herbal storage, especially for cannabis.

Cannabis has effects on many different types of illnesses and complaints, such as chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatism. Therefore the growing popularity of cannabis herbal medicine has come to light. So let me remind you of one thing!

Cannabis herbal medicine requires humidification to enhance its lifetime. If you do not humidify your cannabis, you will not be able to preserve your product for a long time. The consequence will down your business.

There are many humidors available in the marketplace, like silica or propylene glycol. All of them are one-way humidors. It means those humidors either emit or absorb moisture. So one-way humidor employs more hardship. Furthermore, there are a lot of managerial issues of humidification, which is a bit complex for one-way humidors. You have to put extra care into whether the humidor comes in touch with your product, the activation process, whether your humidor is activated or not, the process of recharging, and many more. So one-way humidors worth additional employment.

Now, look at the trouble-free way of humidification.

How to Use Boveda Humidity Packs for Cannabis

Boveda is best for humidification because it is easy to use.

  • Select Boveda humidity packs
  • Keep Boveda in your favorite container.
  • If Boveda losses its softness, it is time to replace it.

Benefits of Using Boveda

Two-ways Humidity Control: As a consumer, you are always in search of the best product. Boveda tends to reach its full of customer satisfaction. Boveda is different from other humidifiers because of its two-ways humidification. It means the humidifier can both emit or absorb moisture per necessary.

No Mess While Processing: You do not have to worry about the activation process of Boveda. All you need to do just put the pack inside your container and replace it if the humidity pack gets rigid. Yes! Boveda is that much simple to use.

Never Over Humidifies: Boveda will never over humidify. As it is a two-ways humidifier, either it will emit or absorb moisture in a preferable temperature.

No Harm for Your Cannabis: If your product gets directly in touch with Boveda, there will be no harm. Once you set Boveda with cannabis, you can relax as it requires zero activation or maintenance.

Approval of the FDA: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance has approved the ingredients used to process Boveda. Therefore, you have no scope of complaining about its usage and no need to worry if Boveda comes closer to your product as it is 100% safe.

What Makes Boveda Special!

The engineering process of the Boveda pack is unique. Its unique packaging patent allows it hyperfiltering moisture. This process ensures either the passing off or absorbing moisture in a container or package. It is general in science that when different salt mixed with water, they regulate different humidity levels. Boveda humidor, uniquely patented within this formula, and the consequence is two-ways humidity control.

If you search, you will find the best cannabis brands use Boveda to preserve their product.

Which RH Level is Right for Herbal Storage

Boveda has various RH levels. For cannabis, the relative humidity should be either 62% or 58%. The authority marks two points showing the reason behind why Bobeda 62% and 58% is better for cannabis.

The first reason as they explain, RH level depends on what strains of cannabis you are storing.

The second is your personal preference.

Note: Both percentages employ in the same manner. They solely regulate humidity to two different points. The main thing is you can use anyone between these two packs. If you have personal experience, you can also select your preference.

Most Popular Question About Mixing Boveda Relative Humidity Percentage

Consumers frequently ask this question- Can I mix Boveda Relative Humidity Percentage?

The experts have advised not to mix Boveda RH levels within the same humidor. There is also a negative expression of using Boveda in the same humidor with other humidification products. Since they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda, you should not mix the RH levels.

Calibrating Hygrometer for Herbal Storage

Calibrating hygrometer is one of the most important parts of caring and preserving. It helps to define whether your product is at the appropriate RH level or not.

Boveda makes two calibration kits- 32% and 75% relative humidity. Select the calibration kit, which is closest to the RH level of your storage. You can go for 75% if you are storing cannabis.

Using the Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit:

  1. Place your hygrometer inside the bag and properly close the zipper.
  2. Allow your Calibration Kit to sit for a minimum of 24 hours at room temperature from 65 to 75°F.
  3. The hygrometer should give the reading of the RH% level stated on the Calibration Kit. If not, take the difference for the future readings or adjust your hygrometer if applicable. The difference is the margin of error of your hygrometer. It is also the percentage point that you should add or subtract to get an accurate reading from your hygrometer.
  4. If you have an adjustable hygrometer, place this hygrometer back inside the Boveda calibration bag and let it sit for 24 to 36 hours.
  5. Do not forget to re-calibrate your hygrometer for two or three times a year.

Maintaining Temperature of Herbal Storage

In maximum case, people solely give their concentration more on humidity than temperature. However, the temperature is also as dominant as humidity for product humidification.

We all know that humidity has an impact on products like cannabis. However, you must know that temperature has a direct influence on the humidity level. So, you have to be very careful about the temperature of your storage.

The temperature depends on the climate. When it is summer, you should keep your storage cooler. There are some other points you may follow:

  • Regarding the maintenance of temperature as MR. Tim suggests that keep your product out of direct sunlight as ultra-violate rays are not healthy for your product.
  • You can store your product in the cooler part of your storage during summer and in the warmest part during winter.
  • For maintaining the temperature, you can also use humidity tur to get informed about your product temperature.
  • Once you set for proper temperature along with humidity, you can hope for the best to enhance the shelf life of your product.

Now you can care and preserve your cannabis with Boveda in your herbal storage. All the best!